Our story


Mnstry is a project born in 2015 by young people from Milan with the desire to create an urban style influenced by art, architecture, music and club culture.

Born through the encounter between minimalism and black & white color bench and communicating through oversized and cropped clothing.

Mnstry designs men’s and women’s ready-to-wear clothing with couture detailing known for its raw energy and contemporary urban edge, but also for embracing cultural and artistic references.

Mnstry label creates an unstable and dynamic coordination of conflicting factors: modernity and antiquity, renaissance and futurism, religion and impurity.

This makes a remarkable label compliance that is recognized on a large scale and is worn by creative minds in other creative fields, in art and music.

All garments are designed and created in Italy with the careful research of materials and fabrics to arrive to have a unique and quality product.